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New Crime & Mystery Fiction Titles From Arrow Jan-March 99

William Diehl Reign in Hell Pbk published March 1999 by Arrow at 5.99 ISBN: 0749322845 Tweet This Book

A top secret military convoy is hijacked in the Rocky Mountains. Thousands of innocent lives are threatened and the President of the USA must act. So he calls on the one man who has the bravado to stop the terrorists, Attorney General Martin Vail.


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Donna Leon Noble Radiance Pbk published January 1999 by Arrow at 5.99 ISBN: 0099269295 Tweet This Book

See Review by Val McDermid - Gold Dagger winner & creator of Lindsay Gordon, Kate Brannigan & Tony Hill

In a small village at the foot of the Italian Dolomites the gardens of a deserted farmhouse have lain untouched for decades. But the new owner, keen for renovations to begin, is summoned urgently to the house when his workmen disturb a macabre grave. Wild animals have done their grisly work and the human corpse is badly decomposed. Then a valuable signet ring is found close by, providing the first vital clue. It leads Commissario Guido Brunetti right to the heart of aristocratic Venice, to a family still grieving for their abducted son-

Donna Leon has lived and taught English literature in Switzerland, Iran, China, Italy and Saudi Arabia. She now lives in Venice and is the Sunday Times' crime reviewer.

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Patrick Robinson Kilo Class Pbk published January 1999 by Arrow at 5.99 ISBN: 009926904X Tweet This Book

The Russian-built Kilo-Class submarine: diesel-electric, with nuclear capability, silent and undetectable under 5 knots. The only true enemy of the American Carrier Battle Groups - the stealthy, underwatermarauder that can chill the hearts of US Navy commanding officers. The Kilo is now available, at a price, to aspiring nations around the world. China has ordered ten, Russia, desperate for foreign currency, has agreed to sell them. The first three are already on their way. The American Government must stop the order in whatever way necessary to safeguard American interests. The submarines would enable China to take control of the Taiwan Strait, and America's ally on China's doorstep would fall. A secret war is launched that will be fought out in the icy depths of the world's oceans and in the vast hinterland of Russia's rivers and lakes. With China determined to have its submarines, Russia desperate to earn its currency, and America resolved not to allow the delicate balance of world peace to be threatened, this is a war where there canonly be one victor... KILO CLASS - a white-knuckle novel of action and suspense that could become reality tomorrow.

Patrick Robinson was born in Kent. He has worked as a journalist and in publishing, and is the author of many books. His various works include Decade of Champions (President Regan's offical gift to the Queen at Windsor Castle), Born to Win with John Bertrand, skipper of Australia II, True Blue with Dan Topolski and he is co-author of One Hundred Days with Admiral Sir Sandy Woodward. His award-winning first novel, Nimitz Class, was published around the world to critical acclaim, and he is also author of HMS Unseen, Seawolf and The Shark Mutiny, all of which are international bestsellers.
Patrick Robinson lives in Ireland and the US.

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