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Brotherly Love
About Pumpkin Books (by Jay Russell)
Brotherly LoveBrotherly Love Newhbk May 99
Isle of the WhisperersIsle of the Whisperers Newhbk May 99
White of the MoonWhite of the Moon Newhbk May 99
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Go Crazy...

About Pumpkin Books 
There are eight million brands of crazy in the naked city - hell, maybe more. There's road rage crazy, post office crazy, playing bongos on the street crazy, eating Marmite crazy, believing STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE is anything other than a pile of shit crazy, Hannibal Lecter fava-beans-and-liver crazy...And then there's the type of crazy who starts a small press.
Whooo doggies, call the men in the white coats and try not to swat Mr. Lecter with the butterfly nets as you go. David Marshall is that kind of crazy. And may all the gods in the myriad pantheons bless him for being so. David is the man behind Pumpkin Books, the UK's most ambitious and brave small press horror publisher. Pumpkin has published ten books since their debut in October 1997 with at least three more promised for later this year (including my own short story collection WALTZES & WHISPERS - I note this conflict of interest proudly). The books David has chosen to produce all fall within the scope of horror, but demonstrate just how wide a field the genre can encompass. I admit that I am not in love with every single one of them, but I think that David is; I know that he only publishes work which he believes in and feels deserves a place in readers' libraries. He wants to make money, of course, but commercial concerns are not at the forefront of the Pumpkin list - just look at how reasonably priced Pumpkin's books are relative to American small press items. David wants people to *read* what he publishes and to love it as much as he does. Imagine: a publisher who cares about writers, readers and the work! Where the hell are those butterfly nets?
Small press operations are seat-of-your-pants concerns, which is why so many - even good ones - come and go so quickly. Readers are a fickle lot, distributors are a giant pain in the tuchis, booksellers hate to pay for what they've sold, and writers...oy, don't even get me started. Despite all that, Pumpkin Books is hanging in there, regularly producing horror books of high quality content and appearance at a time when mainstream publishers run screaming into the night at the mere mention of the genre. Pumpkin Books needs and - much more importantly - deserves the support of readers. So go ahead and buy a Pumpkin book or two. Go crazy.
Jay Russell


Brotherly Love
David Case Brotherly Love Published May 99 by Pumpkin Books at 16.99 ISBN: 1901914127
& other tales of faith and knowledge
Introduction by Ramsey Campbell

For a brother, already alarmed at the disappearance of his sister, there can be nothing more disturbing than finding evidence that she may not have been the only victim of the man who lives at Levanter Hall. When the local police seem to take no interest in the matter, a loving brother cannot let the investigation lapse. He must find out the truth, whatever the cost…
The young girl is running away from an abusive father. She leaves the road when she catches sight of a police car only to get caught in an old bear trap in the forest. But instead of release, her screams bring someone with rape on his mind. The sheriff is not impressed by the girl's description of her attacker nor her later hysteria at the clinic when she claims the face at her window was that of her attacker. But when another girl is reported missing and a third has a narrow escape, the sheriff begins to wonder whether his quiet little town is hiding a terrible secret.
In these most Gothic of tales, David Case yet again explores the boundary line between fact and fantasy - territory that he staked out in The Cell: "probably the most effective werewolf story ever written" and Fengriffen (filmed as "And Now the Screaming Starts") and The Hunter (filmed as "Scream of the Wolf'). Then he goes on to new territory where themes of knowledge and understanding are explored in settings as varied as The Age of Reason in Europe and a strange planet where a prospector may have stumbled onto the 'find' of the century.

Of his previous work, the critics say:
The Cell
'...three chilling, evocative, thought-provoking novellas told with great precision, economy and intensity." Barren
'Aimed straight, and straightforwardly, at the jugular of every reader…' The Kirkus Review
'One of the first and best of recent horror stories dealing with the incubu/succubi theme." Barren
'An elegant and thoroughly perfect horror Gothic. Ashley
The Third Grave
''...reaffirms his stature as one of the great American masters of horror.'
Of Brotherly Love, Ramsey Campbell says:
'… there has never been a David Case book as various as this. Nevertheless the tales are unified by his vision of the world, both dark and clear, and by disarming flashes of his essential good nature. Welcome back, David! Your place in the field was secure, and nobody else could fill it.'



Hugh B. Cave Isle of the Whisperers Published May 99 by Pumpkin Books at 16.99 ISBN: 1901914151
Dr. Martha Rowe is a most experienced archaeologist surveying a cave system on an island; but she is human; she can make a mistake. And this time the mistake is finding what she in looking for. Dr. Rowe is looking for a passage to what may be another dimension. And when the doorway is accidentally opened, everyone on the island suddenly becomes prey.
Courage is an unknown quantity until it is tested and those who survive the first onslaught must find the strength to face the evil that comes with the dark. In this novel Hugh Cave fashions a story that takes us to the brink of the pit where demons dwell. Some dwell within us and the others come whispering to us in the night.

About The Author
Hugh Barnett Cave was born in Chester, England and was raised in Boston, Massachusetts. He has spent time in Haiti and, for fifteen years, owned a plantation growing Blue Mountain Coffee in Jamaica. He now lives with his wife in Florida.
Hugh B. Cave is one of the most celebrated of writers, being awarded the Grand Master of Fantasy Award in 1991 for his contribution to the horror field: for novels such as The Evil and Legion of the Dead, and collections such as Murgunstrumm and Others which won the World Fantasy Award in 1978. His most recent collection, Death Stalks the Night, was nominated for a World Fantasy Award in 1996. This new novel is illustrated by the master of the horror comic genre, John Coulthart.


White of the Moon
Stephen Jones White of the Moon Published May 99 by Pumpkin Books at 16.99 ISBN: 1901914135
New Tales of Madness and Dread
An original anthology of the best new horror and dark fantasy fiction by modern masters of the macabre…
Edward Bryant Ramsey Campbell Jo Fletcher Christopher Fowler Gregory Frost Caitlin R.Kiernan Terry Lamsley Joel Lane Roberta Lannes Graham Masterton Paul J. McAuley Lisa MortonKim Newman Kathryn Ptacek Nicholas Royle Jay Russell David J. Schow Michael Marshall Smith Brain Stableford Steve Rasnic Tem Jeff Vandermeer
Edited by Stephen Jones
Read Tangled Web UK's interview with Stephen Jones by Jay Russell

White of the Moon. When we begin to feel ourselves change. When the voices start to talk to us. From somewhere. Nearby. In our head. And slowly but surely we begin to understand what they are saying. What they want. Until the moment comes when they drown out everything else. Even the screams. Even the blood…
In this original collection of all-new stories of psychological and supernatural dread, that moment comes when a web page predicts the death of everyone on Earth... an imaginary friend turns out to be a killer... the suicide rate starts spiralling out of control... a woman obsessed with fire is consumed by her terror.., and an author enters a strangely familiar parallel world…
Such modern masters of the macabre as Ramsey Campbell, Christopher Fowler, Graham Masterton, Paul J. McAuley, Kim Newman, David J. Schow, Michael Marshall Smith, Brian Stableford and others show you what it is like to lose your grip -- on your reason, your personality, even life itself -- as they take you into the terrors that await us all when our darkest fears are revealed in the White of the Moon.

Praise For Dark of the Night edited by Stephen Jones
'Guaranteed to both unnerve and delight' SFX
'A very strong collection' Interzone
'Some simply cracking short stories' Shivers

About The Author
STEPHEN JONES has won more awards for editing horror and fantasy than anyone else in the field. He is the winner of two world Fantasy Awards, three Horror Writers of America Bram Stoker Awards and two International Horror Guild Awards as well as being an eleven-time recipient of the British Fantasy Award and Hugo Award nominee. A full time columnist, TV producer/director, he has edited and written more than 40 books.
Stephen was born in Pimlico in 1953 and developed a keen interest in horror and fantasy whilst still at school. In 1972 he joined a film production company and started directing and producing TV commercials and documentaries. At this time he joined the British Fantasy Society and became a contributor to their publications. This cosy balance of TV work and hobby changed in 1986, when he interviewed the film director John Carpenter who suggested that he should become a unit publicist for film productions. As a result he worked on Clive Barker's HELLRAISER (1987) and various other movies. At the same time during a British Fantasy Convention he met Nick Robinson, who had just started his own book publishing imprint, and he was persuaded to become co-editor of his first published book THE BEST HORROR AND FANTASY TALES (1988). This has been followed by a flurry of publishing activity with a huge list of published credits. He lives in West London.


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